Erin’s Story

At the age of 3 years old, Erin was diagnosed with Leukemia and has had 2 bone marrow transplants. Due to complications with the transplants, Erin lost much of her strength and mobility. That is what brought her to Rising Star. In the spring of 2015, after battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia three times and receiving two bone marrow transplants, then 10-year-old Erin Potter had to face a little more adversity when it was discovered that she was suffering from the affects of chronic Graft vs. Host Disease. The new diagnosis of cGvHD brought about the reasoning for the rapid decline in Erin’s ability to physically move around the way she once had – freely, without tightness or restriction. From December of 2013 to March of 2014, there was a serious regression for Erin that ultimately led to her inability to walk around without the use of crutches or climb the steps of the bus to get to and from school. Her medical team moved forward with different types of medications and therapies to help improve her abilities, and strongly recommended the family to get Erin involved in an intense physical therapy program.

Through Erin’s work at Rising Star, thanks to the incredible and dedicated staff, she has made such tremendous improvement! She works hard and is worked hard, all of which is proving to put her in a much better place than she was a just a year ago. Last year, as she attended a school field trip, her father had to be by her side as an assistant, – carrying her up and down stairs, helping her move around to participate the best she could with her peers. This past week, a different story has been told. Erin, once again accompanied by her dad, attended another class trip. This time, she moved on her own with strength and stamina that she didn’t have last year. This time, she was able to be with her friends and her dad was there not as an assistant, but as a proud, thankful father basking in the glory of her success.

Thank you to Rising Star for pushing Erin further and truly expanding her realm of possibilities! We are looking forward to what is still yet to come.