Success Stories

Founder’s Story

Back in 2001, Erin and Tony DeCarlo’s son Thomas was born with Cerebral Palsy. Overwhelmed with fear but determined to find the best therapies, education and programs for Thomas their fear turned to determination. Through Thomas’ fighting spirit , they knew they had to fight right along with him. When Thomas was 2 years old they heard about a local program that offered something called Conductive Education that was helping to change the lives of children with motor challenges. Within 5 minutes of visiting the Conductive Education Center they knew that they had finally found what they were searching for. The connection they witnessed between the Conductors and the children was inspiring and they knew they had to do whatever it took to get Thomas in. Within 6 weeks of Thomas being in the program he was making progress like never before. The strength that he was gaining, the determination that he was expressing surpassed all expectations. Unfortunately in just 2 short years of Thomas being in the the privately funded program they got word that the center was closing down. Tony and Erin knew that Thomas had to stay on the Conductive Education track if he was to continue making remarkable progress. When that Conductive Education door closed, Tony and Erin opened up Rising Star Learning Center. Now families from all over Ohio travel to the facility to experience the great joy that comes with the inevitable progress that is attained.



Erin’s Story

Through Erin’s work at Rising Star, thanks to the incredible and dedicated staff, she has made such tremendous improvement! She works hard and is worked hard, all of which is proving to put her in a much better place than she was a just a year ago. Thank you to Rising Star for pushing Erin further and truly expanding her realm of possibilities! We are looking forward to what is still yet to come.
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Letter from former student’s parents

“Rising Star has meant more than we expected to our daughter. She is starting to use the toilet, she is sitting up independantly and uses a spoon. Best of all is improvement in her disposition. And this after only a few weeks in the program. We are so thankful.

We did not consider our son for Rising Star because we thought he was too “fragile” and the cost would be prohibitive. After seeing our daughter’s progress, we took her brother in for an assessment. He did extremely well and the Conductors feel that he should be in the program starting individualized and slowly transitioning to the group to receive the social benefits of the program.

He had so much fun and the people at Rising Star see much potential for him. This is a miraculous gift as they are the first professional organization to look at our son with honest expectations of achievement and function.”