Our Schedule


(3 to 5 years)

4 mornings per week; 2.5-5 hours each day
This program focuses on active learning, designed on the child’s individual needs. Emphasis is on developing the foundations for social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. Children work in groups to enhance their motivation and build their confidence for solving problems that will help lead to functional independence.


SCHOOL AGE GROUPS (Full and Part Time)

(6-10 years and 11–18 years)

Full time students-5 days per week 5 hours per day. This program is ideal for students that are on the Jon Peterson Scholarship through the Ohio Department of Education, who come way of their school district, or for students who are home schooled. Part Time Students-3 days per week 3 hours per day, Both programs focuses on preparing the children to functionally live in the world around them in all settings. Daily life skills are the emphasis of this program.

Rising Star collaborates with local district schools to fill the void of teaching daily functional living skills that are nearly impossible to address in the typical school setting. Children with physical disabilities need a Comprehensive Environment that covers both academics and life skills. If both Academic and Life Skills are not taught, the whole person is then underdeveloped, and underserved.